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Amendment 41 is one of the most poorly crafted, poorly thought-out measures to hit the Colorado ballot in a long time. Its authors, a Boulder politician and a Denver lobbyist, claim the measure is aimed at corrupt politicians, but it goes far beyond that. Instead of focusing on elected officials and high-ranking government employees, Amendment 41 prevents all state, county and city workers and their families from accepting any gift from any individual or entity that is valued at more than $50 in a calendar year. Included in the list of banned gifts for city workers and their families are loans, rewards, promises or negotiations of future employment, favors or services, honoraria, travel, entertainment and special discounts.

To make matters worse,
this crazy attack on firefighters, police officers, file clerks and all rank-and-file government workers WILL BECOME PART OF COLORADO'S CONSTITUTION. We all support ethics in government, but Amendment 41 misses the target. Send the politician and the lobbyists who wrote Amendment 41 back to the drawing board.

Vote No on Amendment 41!

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Newspapers Opposing Amendment 41

Dangerous overkill in Amendment 41
A Draconian measure in the name of ethics

Our View - Amendment 41 a fix for what’s not broken
We urge readers to vote no on Amendment 41.
Amendment 41 Is Not What It Appears To Be
Clearly, Amendment 41 goes too far.
Advertisement ‘No’ on Amendment 41
Voters should give 41 an emphatic thumbs down.
Amendment 41 too vague, will do more harm than good
In theory, it sounds great. In reality, it's a time bomb waiting to go off.
Vote no on Amendment 41
Another reason to reject 41
Subpoena authority too broad
41 vs. small nonprofits
Sloppy drafting is what this proposal suffers from, but it can't be fixed by the legislature. It's a constitutional amendment, and only another vote of the people could repair it.

   LWVCO Opposes Initiative 41
The Denver Post reports CU regents formally oppose Amend. 41, calling it flawed
The Colorado Gynecological and Obstetrical Society 
Colorado Gynecological And Obstetrical Society Opposes Enactment Of Amendment 41
  The other sides says in debates that Amendment 41 would not apply to the everyday government worker.  Guess they forgot to tell the Executive Director of Common Cause! The Colorado Springs Gazette has the story.
Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson 
"Colorado Sheriffs hold their staff members to the highest ethical standards. Amendment 41 is unnecessary and will inflict great harm on the public servants that serve their communities with pride and dedication"
Amendment 41 Threatens Community Centered Boards and Those with Developmental Disabilities
John Hazlehurst, Columnist
"It's a nasty little amendment, meant to capitalize on public disgust with the Jack Abramoffs of the world. But it'll just make the whole process for legislators, lobbyists, and the public more unpleasant, more difficult and less likely to produce decent outcomes."
Fire Fighters Association
"Disguised as legislation aimed at cleaning up corruption in government Amendment 41 far over reaches its intent. If this Amendment passes it will make it illegal for fire fighters or their families to recieve any money in the event of a crisis!"
Fred Brown, Columnist
A rift in the reform ranks
Common Cause and the League of Women Voters, two reform-minded groups that almost always agree politically, have parted ways over Amendment 41, an initiative on Colorado's November ballot.

We invite voters to evaluate Amendment 41 for themselves (click here to view entire article as filed with the Secretary of State's office).

The definition of a government employee as well as the gift ban that would apply to all such government employees are highlighted below. 

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As of , 2006

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Boulder County Democrat Central Committee
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Colorado Health Care Association
Colorado Bankers Association
Colorado Professional Firefighters Association
Colorado Police Protective Association
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Colorado Alliance for Retired Americans
CCB Partners - Care providers for Coloradans with
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The Alliance - Care providers for Coloradans with
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